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The Power of Stem Cells

A relatively new form of treatment is Stem Cell Therapy. Every animal has millions of dormant stem cells just waiting to be activated and used for regeneration. Stem cells are a natural way in which an animal repairs its own tissues and organs.

A very high percentage of stem cells are present in the adipose (fat) tissue. We can now collect or “harvest” these ’healing cells’ by removing a small amount of the dog’s or cat’s fat tissue under surgical conditions.  These cells are activated in our laboratory, and then injected intravenously and into the animal’s damaged joints.

Although stem cell treatment is ideal for osteoarthritis, it is also used for ligament and tendon damage especially in horses. It may reduce or eliminate the need for pain relief medication. The response does vary from patient to patient but we usually see a vast improvement in both mobility and well-being of the patients.

Taradale Vet Hospital is the only StemVet NZ approved clinic in Hawke's Bay.

Nov 3, 2015: Fleas

SPRING HAS SPRUNG, and so have the fleas….


Spring has arrived and the warmer months are just around the corner. Unfortunately, fleas also love the warmer weather and our pets are already starting to suffer from the effects of the emerging flea population.

There are a host of flea control products available and if we act early, we should be able to keep our dogs and cats protected before the problem gets out of hand.

Apart from the topical applications that we apply onto the skin of our pets like Advantage, there are now also a number of oral remedies (tablets) that we can use. The efficacy of these last anything from one to three months. Some of these remedies such as ‘Bravecto’, control both fleas and ticks.

There are also products available that control both fleas and worms - such as Advocate, which is a monthly topical application; and Nexguard Spectra which is a monthly oral (tablet form) remedy.

A recent addition to Bayer’s Advantage family is the “Seresto” collar which you may have seen advertised on TV. The active ingredients from this innovative collar are taken up by the sebum or oily secretion of the skin and are not washed off when the pet gets wet. Your dog can swim regularly without the need to remove or replace the collar. It controls fleas and ticks for up to 8 months, and can be worn under your dog or cat’s regular collar. This is a convenient (fit the collar and it lasts for 8 months) and cost-effective treatment, with a large dog treatment working out at less than $12 per month.

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